From “Gridman Universe” comes a MODEROID plastic model kit of Cho Ryuoh Gattai Chojin Rogue Kaiser Gridman!
*This product is a set of MODEROID Dynazenon and “MODEROID Gridman (Universe Fighter) & Big Goldburn.

[li]Rogue Kaiser Gridman has been brought into model form based on its heroic looks from the movie.[/li]
[li]Combine Gridman (Universe Fighter), Big Goldburn, and Dynazenon to create Cho Ryuoh Gattai Chojin Rogue Kaiser Gridman (with interchangeable parts).[/li]
[li]The Grid Hyper Fixer Beam firing pose can be created.[/li]
[li]Dynazenon can be changed from Dynazenon form to Dyna Rex form. (Use of certain interchangeable parts is required.)[/li]
[li]The various parts of the mecha have been separated into different colored runners. pre-painted parts and stickers, making it easy to recreate the mecha with a simple assembly.[/li]
[li]By using the included grip parts, you can equip MODEROID Full Power Gridman (sold separately) with the Dynamic Cannon.[/li]
[li]By using the weapon-holding hand (left), You can equip Gridman Calibur to Kaiser Gridknight.
*In order to create Kaiser Gridknight, MODEROID Dynazenon and MODEROID Gridknight & Goldburn (sold separately) are required.
*Gridman Calibur is included with MODEROID Full Power Gridman.[/li]
Ready-to-assemble plastic model kit. Non-scale. Approx. 240mm in height (to top of shoulders).

Good Smile Company MODEROID Gridman Universe Rogue Kaiser Gridman Plastic Model 超龍王合體超人


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